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Co-Innovation Track

Application FAQs

The Startup Harbour Co-Innovation Track supports early stage startups to validate their solutions by connecting them with relevant experts at Bosch for mentoring and collaboration.

Startups can apply for co-innovation within these focus areas.

In short

Benefit from our long-standing experience in developing and implementing cutting-edge IoT services and solutions. Sign on and build on your strengths with us.


Participating Bosch Locations

We are proud to grow the innovation ecosystem at Startup Harbour by adding new Bosch locations to it!

Bosch.IO Bulgaria

Bosch.IO is the Bosch Group’s global unit for state-of-the-art projects in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AIoT) domains. With its global presence across five countries and around 900 associates, more than 200 of whom are working in the Bulgarian office, Bosch.IO is one of the driving forces for AIoT solutions, covering the entire spectrum of AIoT technologies. The Bulgarian team collaborates with nearly 30,000 software developers and artificial intelligence experts throughout the Bosch Group. Bosch.IO associates have extensive experience in various sectors such as trade, energy, construction technology, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer goods and mobility.

Through Bosch Startup Harbour, we are opening up new opportunities for the Bulgarian startup ecosystem. We are looking for local startup talents and we believe that their developments can help expand our business. In return, we are ready to provide them with our knowledge, resources and our most experienced experts so that they can validate their ideas and transform them into a successful business model.

Track 1

Bosch IoT Campus, Germany, Berlin

The Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin Tempelhof is more than just a regular office: Its focus is on bringing the entire IoT ecosystem together. The distinctive spirit at the Campus is influenced by its collaborative atmosphere. More than 300 employees from various Bosch units are located there, and mainly work on projects related to the Internet of Things and Digital Transformation. The space has been a home for the startups of Bosch Startup Harbour since 2018.

Track 1