Explore the challenges for the upcoming batch.

Our business units and partners specified fields of interest for co-innovating with you. We are especially looking for startups with solutions in the following focus areas:

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#1 Farming of the future (Berlin program only)

Together with our partner, the Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), we are looking for startups that can ease farmer's daily business. The DKB is among the leading German banks within the farming sector with an exposure of 3.7 bln. EUR and roughly 9,000 clients. DKB provides their clients with capital to grow and transform their business to service the changing customer needs in challenging times. We are seeking startups with capabilities in the areas of data science and analytics, AI and prediction engines, and optimization of agricultural processes. Apply now if you have a software to visualize and aggregate data from different sources, a solution on how to use crop protection / fertilizers in a more sustainable way, or you have an algorithm to improve planning and predicting output and solvency. Bosch and the DKB can offer access to experts in the field from banking and client side, as well as a strong network throughout relevant German farming associations.

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sensor data

#2 Rich data on the edge for sensor-based solutions

Bosch Sensortec is a world leading smart sensor provider for consumer electronics (e.g. smartphones, wearables, hearables). Our MEMS based acceleration, gyro and pressure sensors are enabling use cases for sports, entertainment, navigation and many more. Furthermore, we are providing solutions for air quality measurement and smart glasses. We are looking for startups working on sensor-based solutions in wearables or other devices. We are interested in exciting use cases that require data processing and data fusion of several sensors in the device with restriction in power consumption and computing power. For our customer segment, we are looking for use-cases that are improving well-being and lifestyle. We are offering access to our sensor portfolio and development tools to enable fast prototyping and proof of concept. Furthermore, we can act as a challenger in terms of business model, customer requirements and technical concepts.

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#3 Mobility goes data

Bosch Mobility solutions shapes a new era of mobility – sustainable, safe and exciting: Personal mobility, Automated mobility, Connected mobility, Powertrain and electrified mobility. We are looking for mobility startups developing innovative solutions for transport optimization (individual/shared/mass transport as well as logistics/freight) based on data fusion and analytics and who are interested in accessing domain data from vehicles, fleets or smart city infrastructure. We offer access to Bosch mobility solution business divisions and data exchange platforms to support activities in the areas of development and testing of new data driven services and validation of use cases. We are seeking for startups with capabilities in the areas of data science, data fusion, AI, prediction engines, analytics and transport optimization.

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fleet operations

#4 Innovate fleet operations

Top89 is a corporate startup focusing on enabling new mobility services (e.g. ride hailing, car sharing,..). We are looking for startups in the field of fleet operations. We are especially interested in teams focusing on running mini-jobs like cleaning (interior/exterior), battery swaps and handling of left objects, etc. Your startup is providing a service in the area of fleet operations, you already have a team on the ground operating and you are looking for expending your network? We are happy to work with you to innovate together in the field of New Mobility services and platforms.

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#5 New detection technologies for mobility services

Top89 is a corporate startup focusing on enabling new mobility services (e.g. ride hailing, car sharing,..). We are looking for startups in the field of video/audio or related detection technologies. Your team is for example working on image or object recognition, tracking of people behavior (inside or outside the car) based on AI technologies. Your solution should be easy to implement and ideally hardware agnostic. Apply now to gather knowledge on the business ecosystem and stakeholders involved and join a platform solution in the field of New Mobility services.

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#6 Energy – focus on mobility (postponed)

Energy anomalies

#7 Detect anomalies within energy data

The energy system is rapidly changing towards a decentralized, green system. Decentralized producers like photovoltaic (PV) or combined heat and power (CHP) plants and consumer equipment come closer together. This trend results in new services that are based on energy data. Currently, energy data is broadly available but mainly used for billing purposes. Measurement methods and units highly differ (e.g. from local substation that capture energy in kHz ranges to billing measurements for renewable assets that require consumption data every 15 minutes). With all the available energy data at hand, the challenge is to derive valuable insights automatically and to detect anomalies in energy data, e.g. for the purpose to reduce downtime, cut disruptions or find new products and business.

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professional construction

#8 Disrupt construction and create future solutions for professional craftsmen

The construction industry is one of the world's largest industries, but it also shows a need to catch up in the area of digitalization. By using digital services along the various stages of the construction value chain, the productivity can be significantly increased. We want to drive trends of the industry forward: From digital planning tools the field of asset-, material- and workforce management as well as analytics on construction sites. Bosch Power Tools is looking for startups that offer pioneering digital solutions and services enhancing the daily work of professional craftsmen and other related stakeholders. Seize the opportunity to partner up with a global leader in the power tools industry! Early stage startups can directly apply for the Bosch Startup Harbour Program, later stage startups can apply for the related “Digital Breakthrough Challenge”.

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#9 Shape the era of creators – solutions for DIYers, gardeners and makers

The Power Tools division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for portable electric power tools, power tool accessories, and garden solutions. Within this focus area, we seek for ideas to help people do more Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. If you have a great solution in mind how to support DIYers and gardeners to successfully realize their projects in all phases of their user journey, please apply to this challenge! Early stage startups can directly apply for the Bosch Startup Harbour Program, later stage startups can apply for the related “Digital Breakthrough Challenge”.

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Hausgeräte, Smart Home

#10 Business models in digital living

BSH Hausgeräte is Europe's No. 1 manufacturer of home appliances under the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau and Thermador. Our worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed and we enable startups to scale with our dedicated venture client units “BSH Start-up Kitchen” and “BSH Future Home Accelerator”. We are looking for startups with a digital service or a smart appliance that will change the way we live, cook or do housework in the future home. We expect a great team, excellent execution and consumer centricity.

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#11 Open world needs optimized testing

As the Bosch center of competence for software verification and validation, we work together with all Bosch business units and collaborate with external software companies. In our diverse and open world, the complexity of software applications increases day by day. The verification and validation of autonomous driving, smart homes and connected devices with huge amounts of data is more important than ever. Nonfunctional test aspects like safety, security and performance are indispensable in software ecosystems. We seek for collaboration with startups that focus on saving heavy testing efforts, prevent cost explosion and handle the constantly growing software testing complexity. If you are exploring new concepts and technologies in this domain, apply for this search topic!

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Testing with AI

#12 Future security testing needs artificial intelligence

ESCRYPT is a leading provider of IT security solutions in embedded systems. In addition, ESCRYPT provides consultancy and services for Enterprise Security and IT-protected production. Within ESCRYPT Security Testing Services we detect potential security gaps and identify concrete counteractions to minimize the risk of an attack. New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. They often rely on a dynamic, wide range of attack vectors and within non-standard and complex targets. This increases the importance of security tests while it becomes more difficult to automate them. Artificial intelligence serves as a promising approach in order to enable automated security testing to tackle the aforementioned problems. We seek for a collaboration with startups that strive for such solutions with full passion. Your team already brings along deep knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence and security testing? We offer to complement your knowledge with our expertise and network – apply now!

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Industry 4.0

#13 Empower people in Industry 4.0

“We make production easier” is our goal and commitment in Bosch Connected Industry, the Bosch IoT software house for industry applications. Our area of interest lies in human centric applications seamlessly linked to product and machine data and analytics systems, to support working operations, deriving insights and actions from data. We are looking for promising startups willing to contribute with an innovative idea to empower people in Industry 4.0. We can provide access to contacts, solutions and relevant data sets from the manufacturing area and logistics network within Bosch and further. Join us for co-innovation and together we will satisfy our customers to the maximum.

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Robotics, robots - human interaction

#14 Bring human-robot interaction to the next level!

At Bosch Engineering, we are developing solutions in order to drive the change from manual labor towards autonomous mobile robots. We are especially interested in applications for the professional cleaning market. We are looking for smart ideas, making collaboration between human beings and autonomous mobile robots more efficient. Imagine meeting a professional cleaning robot in your favorite shopping mall. How should it behave? If you are working on technology that can improve the interaction between humans and robots in a shared space, we are interested to hear from you! We offer different mobile robot prototypes and use cases to test your ideas. We help you to integrate your solution into a ROS-based environment. You have the chance to excite our customers with new ideas and make the day-to-day life easier for professionals and customers alike.

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Automation Factory

#15 Build the future of automation in the factory of the future!

We are looking for any new application for our new open industrial controller – install and use it in a raspberry pi way. Applications in new domains are welcome. Industrial controls are undergoing a major change due to the mix of classical automation technology and information technology. Bosch Rexroth drives this change and has introduced its radical new platform ctrlX AUTOMATION end of 2019. ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. With a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30% to 50%. Take this platform and develop your control projects for machine building and beyond. Develop apps for the platform to help end customers and users entering new business opportunities even in non-industrial domains.

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Social Impact

#16 IoT solutions with social impact

Do you have an idea how IoT can help to create a positive impact on the society, the environment or both? We encourage you to think big, making the world a better place. We are passionate to support ideas that are “invented for life”.

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This project is supported and funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Senate of Berlin.