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Explore the challenges for the upcoming batch.

Focus Areas

Our business units and partners specified fields of interest for co-innovating with you. We are especially looking for startups with solutions in the following focus areas:

Bosch eBike

#01 Create transparency on sustainability measurements

The eBike is one of the most sustainable means of transport and plays a central role in the mobility of the future. For over a decade, Bosch has been offering innovative, pedal-assist eBike systems including batteries, drive units, displays, ABS systems, accessories, apps, and services. At Bosch eBike, we strive for sustainability and consider aspects along the complete product life cycle, seeking to improve their impact on the environment. From the selection of materials with a lower emission footprint to sustainable packaging and supporting a circular economy at end of life, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products.

We are looking for startups supporting us in identifying options to improve, track and calculate sustainability measurements and make the achievements and lessons learned transparent to both, project teams and the complete division.

A team of bike enthusiasts with a strong passion for sustainability and a tangible product in the market is thrilled to discuss and test your solution. We target to start a project with your startup, having interfaces to most business departments including engineering, purchasing, product and project management plus sales and service.

Join our mission, apply for this focus area and work with one of the coolest business units of Bosch! Find out more about our sustainability activities at Bosch eBike.

Picture: Bosch

Bosch Thermotechnology

#02 Let us leverage the power of heat pumps via connectivity!

Bosch Thermotechnology is the leading European heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) player offering a broad range of heating and cooling systems. We are maintaining more than 500.000 connected systems and provide value-added services to our installers and large-scale customers to Make. Home. Comfort. Green.

We provide sustainable electrified systems and offer portals/applications for connected heating systems like HomeCom. With you and your startup, we want to further explore and test value-added services for connected heat pumps and beyond. You connect what has not been connected before, and offer new benefits for installers and/or end customers.

In our engagement with your startup, we are offering deep heating and air-conditioning domain knowledge of our experts, maintaining more than half a million connected systems. We target to enable a proof-of-concept and can provide access to data.

Let’s explore the universe of services for heat pumps together!

Picture: Bosch


#03 Innovative solutions based on connected sensors

Bosch Sensortec is a world-leading smart sensor provider for consumer electronics (e.g. smartphones, wearables, hearables). Our MEMS-based acceleration, gyro, and pressure sensors are enabling use cases for sports, entertainment, navigation, and many more. Furthermore, we are providing solutions for air quality measurement and smart glasses.

We are looking for startups leveraging sensor-based networks. We are interested in exciting use cases that use local data processing, and data fusion of several sensor nodes with restrictions in power consumption and computing power.

We are offering access to our sensor portfolio and development tools to enable fast prototyping and proof of concepts. Furthermore, we can act as a challenger in terms of business model, customer requirements, and technical concepts.

Picture: Bosch

Bosch Rexroth

#04 Green technologies for a sustainable Factory of the Future

At Bosch Rexroth AG, our vision of the Factory of the Future offers complete variability plus a climate-neutral production.

The walls, the floor, the ceiling will all be fixed, but everything else will be mobile. Assembly lines will be modular, and their constituent machines will move and reorganize themselves into new lines for new purposes. In terms of sustainability, we rethink the way how we produce (climate neutral, reduce carbon footprint of products and processes), what we offer (solutions for energy and lean resource processes) and how we design energy and resource management. The Factory of the Future is a great place for innovations around digitalization, electrification, and automation, as the electrical, and digital industry is shaping the industrial transformation to a climate-neutral circular economy.

In the light of fostering sustainability for the Factory of the Future, we are looking for startups developing innovative solutions with a focus on e.g. energy efficiency, carbon capture utilization and storage, hydrogen economy, factory as a prosumer, sector coupling, circular economy, recycling.

We offer access to Bosch Rexroth AG business divisions and case specific data or exchange platforms to support activities in the areas of development and testing of new data-driven services and validation of use cases. We target to enable a proof-of-concept in the described fields of green technologies for a sustainable Factory of the Future. If applicable, we will also introduce you to experts of the Bosch Rexroth Model Factory in Ulm and real factories to test use cases.

Find more information on the Model Factory and sustainability at Bosch Rexroth (choose “stay on international site”).

Picture: Bosch

Bosch IO

#05 Rethink the future of work: Combine physical workplaces and the Metaverse

The Bosch IoT Campus is one of Bosch´s office locations worldwide. More than 300 employees work at the Campus in Berlin Tempelhof – mainly on projects related to the Internet of Things and Digital Transformation. In the past years, we have constantly set benchmarks in inspiring working conditions, employee involvement, smart learning and connected office spaces.

Until now, the Bosch IoT Campus is limited to the physical world. Market potentials of the Metaverse for office workplaces, like the Bosch IoT Campus, have yet to be explored.

In times of remote work, the combination of physical and virtual collaboration models is facing increasing demand. Extending the service scope from the physical to the virtual world could become a must-have standard for any competitive working environment.

If your startup explores the business potentials of the Metaverse in relation to the physical world of workplaces, please apply! Ideally, you also bring experience in Metaverse projects to the table plus a hands-on mentality and creativity to explore use cases for designing the future of work in a combination of physical and virtual setups.

Questions for potential use cases are: How could offices benefit from being represented in the Metaverse? Which valuable services could be offered there (e.g. recruiting, customer engagements, showcases, …)?

At the Bosch IoT campus, we offer a physical workspace with 300 motivated people who are willing to test and improve your prototypes. Also, we are offering consulting on business-related topics if required.

Have look at the Bosch IoT Campus and read an article of the Harvard Business Review on the Metaverse changing work.

Picture: Bosch

Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

#06 Cutting-edge AI in self-learning embedded products

The mission of the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) is to conduct world-class research in AI and deploy cutting-edge AI technologies across Bosch products and services. Roughly 270 experts in seven locations worldwide work on making AI more safe, secure, robust, and explainable. We design and implement AI for smart, connected, and autonomous technologies across all Bosch business sectors.

AI is advancing faster than almost any other field of science. Still, many of the recent breakthroughs in research have not yet found their way into real-world products. We are looking for startups that focus on taking state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms from well-curated research datasets to applications in physical products. Is your solution addressing challenges of real-world applications in terms of robustness, safety, data efficiency, and hardware deployment? We are interested in collaborating with startups that develop innovative business models and technological solutions for products that learn from experience in the field, whether in the automotive, manufacturing, or IoT domain and demonstrate benefits for users and society alike.

We offer the deep expertise of Europe´s leading industrial AI research lab and extensive experience in bringing cutting-edge AI to Bosch products and services. We will review and challenge your solutions and business models. Also, we offer support in connecting you to relevant domain experts within the Bosch group, as well as leading academic experts in AI.

Receive the latest updates on BCAI via LinkedIn and find out more about research activities at Bosch.

Picture: Bosch

Bosch Connected Industry

#07 Create value chain transparency: Share data across systems and company boundaries

“We make production easier” is our goal and commitment at Bosch Connected Industry, the Bosch IIoT software house for industry applications. We offer tailored software and comprehensive services along the entire value chain for plant operators and machine builders.

In our globalized and hyper-connected world, supply chain networks seek for new data standards and solutions to allow secure cross-company data exchange between these entities, for product-, process- and quality information and also CO2 emissions. Data chains from the supplier to the manufacturer increase efficiency and enable seamless traceability to ensure zero failure quality. Digitalization and transparency across the value chain can also help to evaluate and further reduce the environmental footprint. This stands in line with Bosch’s initiative to further reduce emissions along the entire value chain, known as scope 3.

We are looking for startups with innovative solutions creating more transparency for supply networks. Are you and your team working on making production and quality data accessible, easy and safe to be shared across corporate boundaries? How can you receive the data? How can you trust the data? How can this data be matched to individual products, e.g. for quality control? We are interested in teams that make supply chains even more transparent regarding their environmental impact.

We can provide deep industry knowledge and connect you with experts, leveraging the potential of production and quality data in the supply chain, so you can test your solution in a proof of concept.

Let’s get connected and create data chains together!

Picture: Bosch

Bosch Building Technologies

#08 Disruptive innovations to redesign the relationship between people and buildings

At Bosch Building Technologies, we are at the forefront of rethinking buildings and what they can provide for their users. Today, buildings do not just provide a safe and functional place for people to live and work. They can also cater to – and even respond to – personal needs and contribute to sustainability. Intelligent buildings play a vital role to implement those offerings. With innovative solutions and services ranging from building access to fire prevention and from voice alarms to intelligent video security, we are helping to redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.

Redefining the relationship between people and buildings requires innovations. We are looking for disruptive services and solutions to increase efficiency, comfort and security following a data- and/or sensor-driven approach. We are specifically looking for solutions in our focus verticals of industry, retail, logistics, financial institutions and public clients (such as cities, municipalities).

We offer test data and access to our experts at Bosch to support activities in the areas of development and testing of new services and use cases. Our Centre of Competence can provide market insights and access to customers. We strive for realizing a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with you in one or more of the described verticals, ideally this results in a long-term relationship.

Picture: Bosch

Steinbeis and Bosch

#09 New technologies for increased energy efficiency

One of our biggest challenges these times is the transition to sustainable energy. We are convinced that this challenge can also be met with entrepreneurial action. Therefore, we are looking for startups with innovative solutions for technologies like micro fuel cells, renewable energy, smart grids etc.

No matter how unusual your approach is, through the large network of the Steinbeis university and Bosch, we will find the right support for your project.

Think big and let's tackle the tasks of a sustainable development together.

Picture: Bosch

This project is supported and funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Senate of Berlin.

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