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Startups Co-Inno Track


Teams 2022/23

Circonomit is linking financial forecasting with environmental impact assessment in a multi-dimensional optimization model enables sustainable real-time data-driven decision making.


Efemarai is a platform for testing and continuously improving AI models enabling teams to discover unexpected failures and resolve issues collaboratively. The tighter feedback loop results in robust and accurate computer vision models with significantly less resources (data, compute, time).


QuarkXR is a Cloud Streaming Platform that enables Enterprise applications on mobile XR (AR/VR/MR) devices. Thanks to our streaming technology and Cloud computing, our customers perform tasks otherwise impossible on the Meta Quest, like loading large 3D models, rendering complex virtual environments with photorealistic lighting and physics, or running collaborative XR experiences with hundreds of people.


Teams 2020/21

Shapelets is an open and flexible platform that supports data scientists when analyzing time series, improving productivity and gaining insights. It offers data collection, storage, advanced algorithms and visualization with the option to integrate your own series of data.


Infinite Foundry is a 3D digital plant platform for improved production efficiency in any industrial sector. Through precise laser-scanning, the production site is virtualized in a 3D model. This digital twin enables the remote detection and the prediction of production failures, the simulation of processes for optimization and virtual reality trainings for better worker ergonomics.


Roll-Safe reduces the risk of accidents on the road by alerting cyclists about possible obstacles ahead. This safety solution designed for bikes is able to detect and predict dangerous situations, improving road safety and contributing to a smart urban mobility in cities.