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Queue management and people counting

Blipstream queue management and people counting solutions help retailers to easily measure customer volumes, reduce queue lengths and individual wait times at the checkout.

We provide an infrared sensor installation and supporting data service. Captured data is continually processed to alert staff before new checkouts are needed and queues start to form.


Growing your software company without dedicated testers by automatically finding bugs.

As a software team, you want to focus on innovation, but bugs waste 30% of the programmer’s time. Bugzoo enables the project manager in the team to create tests for their product without coding. Any product update is automatically checked and a visual update report is created, that can be shared with the rest of the company.


Zero-Iteration Manufacturing for semiconductors & precision industries aims to transform the manufacturing world with Zero-Iteration Manufacturing. Every product we use today went through a Build-Measure-Improve cycle that can be costly, lengthy and wasteful. This is especially significant for precision manufacturing industries like semiconductors. Our mission is to reduce and ultimately eliminate that need with a unique combination of machine learning and simulation.


Interactive maps for large work environments

FORMATION provides Interactive Maps as a mobile productivity app for teams in large work environments. The service requirers no hardware installation for precise in- & outdoor positioning.

The Interactive Maps help teams to increase productivity by enhancing collaboration and information availability. Presenting work related content in its spatial context on the map makes it easier to understand and more actionable for the user.

Additional software modules allow to track assets, improve workplace safety and coordinate teams more efficiently.

Get in touch to learn how our interactive maps can help your team!


Rethinking Rail.

Menlo79’s product WILSON. is a digital assistant for intelligent live dispatching of operational staff. The solution automatically detects open services and activities and suggests suitable staff based on qualifications, availability, tariff regulations and individual staff preferences. With WILSON companies can efficiently plan and dispatch staff in volatile business environments, increasing both staff productivity and employee satisfaction.

The young start-up is rethinking rail and logistics, offering a unique combination of wide strategic and operational experience in the sector, as well as the digital competence to build digital solutions to achieve a seamless rail and logistics experience.


A new approach to measuring and marking in construction

Space Tools is a start-up with a new approach to measuring and marking. Measuring and transferring measurements is complicated and time-consuming. Our goal is to speed up and simplify these tasks as much as possible by bringing our new digital measuring and marking tool to the market. Combined with our companion app the tool can keep track of measurements, take care of most conventional measuring tasks, and provide possibilities beyond those of conventional measuring tools. Mixing up numbers and swapping tools while measuring will become a thing of the past, thanks to our all-in-one solution.


Making E-waste Circular

WeeeLoop is the platform aiming to accelerate a Circular Economy for electric and electronic devices. We help users bring their unused devices safely back into the loop by providing convenient options for resell, repair, donation & recycling. We give a recommendation on the best option for each device based on environmental impact, convenience and financial reward. Trusted and carefully selected options provide transparency on safe removal of sensitive data and environmental sound handling to bring devices worry-free back into the loop.


Previous batches

Autonomous maintenance calls via a scalable IoT platform provides a scalable IoT platform to enable mechanical systems to autonomously call out for maintenance if one of their components will malfunction in the future, based on an automated predictive engine. The platform reduces unplanned downtime, maintenance cost and helps to increase the profitability of the assets.


Making buying and caring for plants effortless, enjoyable and smarter

Horticure is a platform for plant care services and products. Indoor plants connect us with the outdoors in our increasingly urban environments, and bring a sense of wellness to both home and work, as the two increasingly merge. horticure aims to make buying and caring for plants an effortless, enjoyable and smarter (“connected”) process.


Re-inventing after-sales processes and product interactions

Prodisfy reinvents after-sales with “FixFirst”. The new online platform, FixFirst, helps consumers in keeping large home appliances healthy. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular future by creating a world where fixing comes first. We enable the current ecosystem by providing an instant error analysis combined with a seamless experience for inspections and repairs.


Measuring chemical nutrients for agricultural water management

Watergenics builds an affordable, accurate and autonomous sensor-network for measuring nutrients in agricultural water management. The solution helps farmers to be law compliant, to certify their products and to improve production efficiency while strengthening natural ecosystems.


Digital and secure access management based on decentralised technologies

YPTOKEY is a software company that provides a digital and secure access management solution based on decentralised technologies and is therefore positioned at the center between assets (e.g. vehicles, locks), mobile devices and decentralised networks. This solution will change the experience around opening and sharing access of assets, because the users’ identities become their key for everything. Users will receive autonomy over their assets and hence a significantly higher comfort and flexibility.

Besides, businesses gain the opportunity of cross-industrial service innovation due to the easy third-party integration. Moreover, they avoid the vulnerability of a central point for sensitive data.


Connect IoT devices to blockchain

AnyLedger - new name Anyl - provides the whole software stack needed to connect IoT devices to a given blockchain, allowing companies to easily develop IoT-blockchain applications without worrying about the underlying technical complexity. The main innovation is the development of the first open-source blockchain-agnostic embedded wallet.


A security device that keeps kids safe

BOTE is a wearable device for children that is connected to a mobile app to localize a child in a crowded place such as a theme park. It lowers operating costs, maximizes visitor satisfaction and helps families enjoy their precious time.


Monitor the quality of drinking water

MamiWata’s mission is to develop cost-effective and easy-to-use IoT-based devices and to develop specific sensor solutions for water-quality monitoring based on environmental requirements. This information is shared with the community and government, and it can be uploaded whenever a connection is available.


Helping self-driving cars to understand humans better

Phantasma Labs offers simulation as a service for selfdriving cars and builds virtual worlds with different cultural contexts. On a platform, real people are selected to interact as urban participants simultaneously and in real time. Their behavior is captured and annotated synthetic datasets are generated automatically.


Scalable, mobile-adapted blockchain to build decentralized applications

zkSystems provides IoT devices with the capability to outsource computation and storage to a public peer-to-peer network in a decentralized setting with incentivized verifiable computation. The protocol is based on decentralized ledger technology (DLT) and is optimized for a novel user model. ZkS aims to make blockchain mainstream.


This project is supported and funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and the Senate of Berlin.