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Corporate Accelerator Program

Are you a startup innovating in the realm of software-defined manufacturing? Are you seeking collaboration opportunities with a global leader in technology and innovation? If so, the Bosch Startup Harbour Accelerator Program, sponsored by the grow platform, invites you to apply and take your venture to the next level.

About the grow platform: The grow platform is Bosch’s global startup incubator. Acting as both venture capitalists and venture builders, we aim to nurture internally developed digital business model innovations and we boost our innovativeness and go-to-market approach with external startup partnerships.

About the Bosch Startup Harbour Accelerator Program: The Bosch Startup Harbour Accelerator Program is a unique opportunity for startups to collaborate with Bosch, a pioneer in technology and industrial solutions. We believe in the power of innovation and are committed to driving progress in the manufacturing sector through collaboration with forward-thinking startups.

Theme: Software-defined manufacturing (SDM) encompasses the use of software to plan, configure, and control physical production processes and to test & inspect the products. The objective is to describe production processes in formal languages, graphically, or by any other means. It should be possible to compile the description onto individual production steps such that the sum of all steps creates the desired final product. Each step in production, inspection, and test corresponds to a single or series of physical operation(s) which are mapped to a specific piece of equipment and a single instruction or series of instructions to be executed using that piece of equipment.

Products and services that enable elements of the overall solution are also considered. For example: digital twins of production machines, the shopfloor, and production processes are part of the overall set-up. Likewise, novel approaches to quality assurance, test, and inspection are of interest.

Startups with a software or service business model, clear USP, and convincing solutions are invited to apply for the program. We offer integration opportunities in a holistic portfolio for software defined manufacturing.

Join us in shaping the future of manufacturing: Together with Bosch, let's revolutionize the manufacturing industry through software-defined solutions.