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Who can apply?

• Location: There is no requirement with regard to the location of your startup. You can apply from every place in the world.

• Incorporation: We are an accelerator for early-stage startups. Nonetheless, in order to facilitate collaboration with Bosch during the program, it is required that your company is already incorporated.

• Team: Our program puts great emphasis on teamwork and the people behind the idea. We look for great, balanced teams who have the full range of skills and roles necessary to build a successful venture. Single founders cannot join the program.

How do I apply?

The applications for Batch 9 were finalized on June 15th, 2024.

How does the application process work?

• Step 1: After sending us your application, our jury will review and evaluate all applications in June 2024.

• Step 2: If your idea and team enters the next round, you will be invited for interviews with our business and technology experts and the program team in July 2024.

• Step 3: If you are successful, we will inform you in August 2024. -> Welcome to the Startup Harbour program!

Where does the program take place?

All program elements and meetings take place online. Agreements on on-site meetings will be taken individually.

What does the accelerator program offer?

The acceleration program runs from September 2024 to January 2025. We moderate the matchmaking and the collaboration with the Business Units starting with a workshop on expectations and roles, and regular meetings throughout the program. Moreover, you will take part in some training and peer exchange formats.

How does a collaboration with Bosch look like?

The form of collaboration is defined individually between the Business Unit and the startup. It can range from a co-learning journey giving the startup the chance to receive mentoring, coaching and feedback on their business model or their technology to a co-innovation journey including a PoC with Bosch.

Do we receive any funding from Bosch?

Bosch does not offer any financial support throughout the program duration. We focus on the matchmaking and the collaboration – supporting you in validating your prototype and in developing your business by bringing you in contact with our Bosch experts as well as our network of mentors and coaches.

Does my idea belong to Bosch afterwards or does Bosch take shares in my startup?

Bosch has no desire to “steal” ideas from you or use them purely for its own advantage. Bosch also does not take any share in your startup. The acceleration program is designed to put you in contact with the people you need to take your idea to the next level. It remains entirely up to you how closely you want to work with Bosch.

My solution is not a fit to the area of interest of the Startups Harbour accelerator. Is it still worth applying?

We can only accept startups to join the accelerator if they fit to the focus topic. We recommend you to enter your partnership proposal at this central innovation gateway.